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About Wridea

What is Wridea?

Wridea is an online idea management and collaboration service which is developed for anyone who is interested in managing their ideas on an innovative service with their friends.

Wridea has been established in 2006 and after 2 years of beta testing phase, the final release has been put online on June 2008. Wridea is already being used by more than 40,000 users world wide.

With the help of Wridea, you can store your ideas, manage and organize them, collaborate with your friends over your ideas, etc. Wridea provides you all required tools and services for organizing your ideas.

Who did it?

Wridea is developed and lovely managed by Octeth Ltd. a web app development company established in 1999. Octeth develops easy-to-use feature packed web apps including Oempro (one of the most popular PHP email marketing application), Sendloop.com (easy-to-use feature rich email marketing service), PreviewMyEmail.com (email design testing service).

Media Contact

For interview requests or any other media requests, please contact us via:

Phone (United States): +1 (718) 395 24 87
Phone (Turkey): +90 (212) 570 69 05
Fax: +90 (212) 543 67 30
Email: media@wridea.com

Media Library

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